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  • Radio Waves at Work

    Through the delivery of our superior communications technology we enable our world to learn and share more effectively, providing greater access, perspective and insight that is invaluable for the future of all.

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  • International Microwave Symposium

    From May 17-22 you will find another first from EM Solutions being demonstrated at the International Microwave Symposium.

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  • Designing for tomorrow's possibilities

    Armed with cutting-edge tools and the latest industry research we deliver useful and reliable products and services to meet and exceed expectations in the ever-changing communications environment.

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OUR VISION: To inspire customers globally, as a technology developer of the most innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver real-time telecommunications anywhere in the world. logo
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    Latest News

    Have you met John Logan?

    Ever since he can remember, John Logan has always been fascinated with creating new products, pushing the boundaries and being at the cutting edge of technology.

    He finds pleasure in overcoming challenges and solving problems and so was naturally drawn to engineering; the field that can continually ask ‘why’ and ‘what if’.


"EM Solutions is a great company capable of providing not only excellent products but great SOLUTIONS for the satellite communications."

Luca De Zorzi, UR Group

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Industry case studies of EM Solutions' products delivering outstanding results are coming soon!