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    We are very excited to be working with Inmarsat to develop the world’s first combined MilSatCom/Global Xpress (GX) maritime satcom terminal! This terminal will be fully accredited by Inmarsat and submitted for Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) certification later in 2016.

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  • Radio Waves at Work

    Through the delivery of our superior communications technology we enable our world to learn and share more effectively, providing greater access, perspective and insight that is invaluable for the future of all.

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    We've been very busy at EM Solutions and wanted to share a couple of highlights about from the past few months...

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    Armed with cutting-edge tools and the latest industry research we deliver useful and reliable products and services to meet and exceed expectations in the ever-changing communications environment.

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OUR VISION: To inspire customers globally, as a technology developer of the most innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver real-time telecommunications anywhere in the world. logo

Find Your Communication Solution with our Satcom Design and Engineering

EM Solutions is committed to revolutionising the communication landscape with a range of innovative microwave and on-the-move radio satellite systems. We offer the design of Satcom technologies with our professional engineering service and aim to deliver real time telecommunications all around the globe. It is our goal to help our customers stay connected.

Bring your idea to life with an experienced engineering team

Besides offering a suite of exceptional off the shelf communication products, our professional team of engineering and design based experts are capable of customising a specific system to suit your requirements. Whether you simply have the basis of an idea or an existing product which needs improvement, we can work with you to produce an enhanced design which is ready for commercial production.

Our expertise in communication design speaks for itself

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have applied our microwave satellite technologies across a broad array of industries. The business sectors we’re involved in, include the Australian Defence Force, broadcasting, maritime and telecommunications. We have been supplying state of the art Satcom terminals and microwave radio links across these industries for a number of years and offer these same services to any entrepreneurs with a design concept which they wish to manufacture.

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    Latest News

    EM Solutions Linearizer Technology

    The design of a satellite communications system is a complex, multidimensional task and no two systems are the same. Having said that there are a number of limiting factors which are common to all systems and every design process involves trade-offs between them.

    Gary Shmith

"EM Solutions is a great company capable of providing not only excellent products but great SOLUTIONS for the satellite communications."

Luca De Zorzi, UR Group

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Industry case studies of EM Solutions' products delivering outstanding results are coming soon!