Useful resources of a technical nature regarding RF satellite communications and other topics.

EM Solutions Staff present six papers at ICSSC 2015

EM Solutions staff presented an unprecedented six technical papers at the AIAA International Communication Satellite Systems Conference held on Australia’s Gold Coast in September 2015.

Along with sixty other presenters, from ten countries, our staff presented their technical achievements in the areas of on-the-move satellite terminals, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, and associated design issues. These all related to the conference theme broadband, high throughput communications over satellite – also EM Solutions’ principal area of expertise.

We are pleased to be able to share their work with you below:

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NICT Winds Technical Results Paper

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has developed a Ka-band mobile earth station which achieves 24 Mbps in land mobile regions using the wideband internet engineering test and demonstration satellite. The mobile earth station is installed with a dual reflector antenna of 650 mm diameter, a block up converter with an output of 20 W, and a mono-pulse tracking system with 3-axis gimbals mechanisms for satellite tracking and communications. Using this terminal, the transmission data rate of 18 Mbps were confirmed. High definition television (HDTV) transmission was also conducted using an onboard HDTV camera in suburban and expressway areas. In this test, successful HDTV transmission was confirmed under the moving conditions.

This paper was presented at the AIAA ICSSC 2015 conference organised by EM Solutions.

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Making the most of Ka GaN

GaN FETs offer significant benefits over their GaAs based counterparts. Higher efficiency, wider bandwidth, improved reliability and higher output powers are just some of their features. Now GaN PA MMICs are available at Ka-band. What are BUC vendors doing to make the most of this exciting new development?

This paper outlines some of the technology changes that EM Solutions is developing in order to harness the power of GaN.

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Satcom on the Move Terminal - Engineered to hum!

Today and into the future, high-frequency Ka-Band microwave technology will enable broadband Satellite communications. Defence users world-wide are leveraging the '30.0 to 31.0GHz' Military band for global satellite networks that support mobile battlefield communications. Modern armed forces demand high-speed communications for voice, data and streaming video to maintain situational awareness and for rapid dissemination of command & control decisions.

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Achieving high data rates in nano-satellites with Ka-band technology

EM Solutions’ technologies power broadband nano-satellite communications.

The constraints placed upon small satellite design for remote sensing missions have traditionally been power availability, heat dissipation and aperture requirements. However as small satellite sensor technology approaches the 1-meter resolution threshold, data throughput is becoming a new and particularly challenging constraint on mission design.

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White paper - Ka-band powers RF into broadband

Solid State Ka-band Transmitters Power Broadband Satellite Communications.

The purpose of this article is to describe the approach EM Solutions has taken to become one of the world’s top tier suppliers of solid state Ka-band transceivers to the satcom industry. This article focuses on the components that are used in the RF front ends of satellite ground terminals, rather than TWT-based systems required in the more powerful ground earth stations or on the spacecraft itself.

Selecting a Ka-band Linear Amplifier for Wideband Global SATCOM

Military Satcom network engineers need to consider non linear effects of transmissions where signal levels are low or multiple carriers occupy a narrow bandwidth. Non linear characteristics of some Ka-band amplifiers behaviour differently to Ku-band and X-band amplifiers, and therefore there is a need to carefully measure the performance of Ka-band amplifiers when selecting for use on Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS).

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Ka-band Satcom for Transportable and On-The-Move Applications

The Ka-band (20/30GHz) satellite offers excellent potential for transportable and mobile communications due to the wide bandwidth available and the high gain achievable with small antennas. There are some difficult technical challenges in realizing this potential. While relatively small antennas, such as 500-1000mm parabolic reflectors, give high gain of the order of 40dB the beam widths are quite narrow, of the order of 1deg, and the antenna has to operate at both the 20GHz receive band and the 30GHz transmit band.

Field Trials of Mounted Battle Command Ka-band Satcom “On-The-Move”

EM Solutions was awarded a contract to develop a Mounted Battle Command Ka-band Satcom On-The-Move System under the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program. The objective was to develop a SOTM terminal that was suitable for WGS operation, and would allow the ADF to investigate, demonstrate and examine its potential as a key system supporting the ADF's Network Centric Warfare strategy. This paper gives a brief overview of the antenna terminal, and then presents some results from field tests conducted with the antenna terminal mounted on a Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV).