New Cobra-class terminals augment government satcom capacity with Inmarsat Global Xpress

6 March 2017: Inmarsat (LSE: ISAT.L), the global mobile satellite operator, is providing its Global Xpress (GX) satellite service to the Australian Border Force. Eight maritime vessels have recently been fitted with new Cobra-class satellite communications terminals, designed, developed and manufactured by EM Solutions that enable governments to augment the capacity they have on government-owned satellites with commercial satellites.

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EM Solutions wins contract from US Agency for 10Gbps mobile backhaul link

EM Solutions announced today that it had won an initial order from a US Government Agency to develop and supply its 10 Gbps E-band backhaul radios for evaluation in ship to shore communications.

Announcing the contract, EM Solutions Managing Director and CEO Dr. Rowan Gilmore said “EM Solutions has been selected to showcase its leading edge radio technology for challenging applications to an important US customer. We will integrate the new 10Gbps E-band radios developed by our subsidiary EMClarity into the same steerable gimbal systems used in our comms-on-the-move (OTM) Cobra satellite terminals, enabling the new radio systems to be used for high speed data backhaul, even where either end is in motion”.

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Inmarsat partners with EM Solutions to develop world’s first MilSatCom/GX maritime terminal

Inmarsat today announced a new partnership with EM Solutions to develop the world’s first combined MilSatCom/Global Xpress (GX) maritime satcom terminal.  The new terminal is scheduled to receive full Inmarsat accreditation during Q2 2016 and will be submitted for Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) certification.

The new terminal, which is initially being created for an Australian Government customer, will contain a number of innovative features, including tracking via monopulse technology and easy switching between GX and MilSatCom systems.  The terminal will also be substantially lighter, lower cost and faster than any comparable MilSatCom device. 

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The Diamond Series BUC Family is being shipped

In another first for EM Solutions… the Diamond Series BUC Family is being shipped!

The first commercial shipments of the EM Solutions Diamond Series BUC family are underway as part of long-term supply agreements with customers including leading defence suppliers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Since their release the Diamond Series Ka Multiband have been applauded for their capability. The low power consumption and small size of EMS’ new GaN technology is proving attractive for customers offering Ka band services on land, aero and maritime platforms.

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Satellite 2015

EM Solutions will be exhibiting its new multi-frequency Ka-band linearized block up convertor (BUC) and GaN solid state power amplifier (SSPA) products at Satellite 2015.

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EM Solutions' Ka-band SOTM finalist in the Shell Innovation Challenge

Speedy communications on the move a lifesaver

By Cheryl Jones      The Australian   November 02, 2013

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Todd Hershberger appointed VP Business Development, Americas

Brisbane, Australia (ASD Wire) August, 2013 – Leading Ka-band RF and On-the-Move terminal engineering company EM Solutions announces the appointment of Todd Hershberger to the role of Vice President Business Development, North and South America. Todd is based in Conover, North Carolina.

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CSIRO and EM Solutions partnering to build high-speed Microwave radio

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and EM Solutions, an Australian leader in microwave innovation, today announced an agreement to develop one of the world’s highest performing radio systems, with the highest data rates and lowest costs per bit per kilometre.

EM Solutions announces launch plans for expansion into North America and EMEA

Brisbane, February 2013

Leading broadband Ka-satcom RF equipment manufacturer EM Solutions announces launch plans for business expansion into North America and EMEA Regions.

EM Solutions Managing Director Dr. Rowan Gilmore said “The company’s Ka-Band RF products for military and commercial satcom terminals are now being sought by customers from around the world. We are excited to announce our intention to commence dedicated, full time people in the Northern Hemisphere to provide better support to our customers here, and to further grow our business”.

EM Solutions Ka-Band SOTM WGS Certification testing progress

EM Solutions’ Ka-Band Satcom on the Move (SOTM) terminal successfully completed WGS Phase #2 certification testing in Brisbane in August 2012.

EM Solutions proudly supports Insitu Pacific with Australian made RF technology for UAV

EM Solutions has been engaged by Insitu Pacific, a Boeing Company, to provide specialist electronic R.F. engineering design and manufacturing services to support their ScanEagle UAS (unmanned aircraft system).

EM Solutions Proudly Supports CEA for SSCWI

Brisbane, June 2012: EM Solutions has again been engaged by CEA Technologies to provide specialist microwave electronic engineering input to a new SSCWI system being built for export. EM Solutions and CEA Technologies have a long partnership in the provision of Power Amplifier design, engineering, manufacturing and tuning services for the SSCWI system for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

EM Solutions supports Astrium with linearised 40W SSPA/BUC’s and LNB’s

Brisbane, Australia (ASDWire) January 31, 2012 -- EM Solutions delivers Astrium UK Limited Linearised 40W Ka-band RF SSPA/BUC’s and LNB’s which form part of a new US $1.66 billion (AED 6 billion) dual satellite communications system for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) customer.

Astrium Services and Thales Alenia Space (TAS) achieved Initial System Acceptance (ISA) November 2011, and EM Solutions is proud to have supported Astrium in achieving this milestone.

EM Solutions Chief Engineer receives 2012 AIRG Medal

The 2012 AIRG Medal for SMEs is awarded to EM Solutions' Chief Engineer – Peter Bradley!

The AIRG Medal is awarded to a current industrial research manager, researcher or group of researchers making the most outstanding Australasian industrial research management and or industrial research contribution during the previous
year.  Awards are made separately to large multinational corporation nominees and to small to medium enterprises

At the AIRG Summer Meeting in Victoria on 27th February 2012, Peter received the AIRG Medal which celebrates an outstanding technological achievement from small-to-medium enterprises (SME's) based in Australia or New Zealand.

Peter's award was made for the development of novel circuits and systems integrated into a compact satellite tracking terminal that can find, lock onto and track Ka-band (20/30GHz) satellites to deliver high capacity data (>2Mb/s), even while the terminal is mobile whether on a land vehicle, ship or aircraft.



EM Solutions - Ka-band Equipment to Thales for the Nansen-Class Frigates Project

Brisbane, Australia, March, 2010, EM Solutions has delivered the first batch of Ka-Band 40W Block Upconverter equipment to Thales Communications, which is to be incorporated into a Ka/Ku SATCOM system for the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Nansen-Class Frigates.

EM Solutions delivers Ka-band Equipment to Thales for the Nansen-Class Frigates Project

Brisbane, Australia, March, 2010, EM Solutions has delivered the first batch of Ka-Band 40W Block Upconverter equipment to Thales Communications, which is to be incorporated into a Ka/Ku SATCOM system for the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Nansen-Class Frigates.

Ka-band Mounted Battle Command On-The-Move Tested on Australian Bushmaster PMV

EM Solutions announces preliminary specifications for a Ka-band On-The-Move Satellite Communications System being developed under Round 12 of Australia’s Defence Capability & Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program. The CTD offers the ADF an opportunity to investigate and demonstrate a Mounted Battle Command On-The-Move satellite communications system at Ka-band, suitable for operation with the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) System, and examine its potential as a key system supporting the ADF’s Network Centric Warfare strategy.

EM Solutions Awarded contract to supply Ka-band Equipment to Astrium for the Yahsat Project

Brisbane, Australia (ASDWire) August 6, 2009 -- EM Solutions has been awarded an initial contract by Astrium UK Limited for supply of Ka-band RF equipment which is to be incorporated into a Yahsat Ground and Naval System programme, which will form part of a new communications system in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the Yahsat Project. EM Solutions will supply 40W Block Upconverters (BUCs) and Block Downconverters (LNBs) for both Ground and Naval terminals.

EM Solutions Awarded Defence Satcom contracts for the Australian Defence Force

Brisbane, Australia March 18, 2009 -- EM Solutions has been awarded two contracts, valued at AU$4M by BAE System Australia for supply of X-band and Ka-band RF equipment for use by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). EM Solutions will supply X-band RF equipment for the ADF tactical trunk communications system PARAKEET. The PARAKEET system has been deployed by the ADF in operational situations for many years. EM Solutions’ contract includes the supply of X-band SSPA and Up/Down Converters.

EM Solutions Awarded CTD for Ka-band Mounted Battle Command On-The-Move

EM Solutions was awarded a contract to develop a Ka-band On-The-Move Satellite Communications System in Round 12 of Australia’s Defence Capability & Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program. There were 12 demonstrator projects awarded that came from various industry sectors and include small-to-medium enterprises, established defence contractors and Australian universities. EM Solutions will partner with BAE Systems Australia on the CTD Project. The CTD Program supports priority defence capability development by funding Australian industry to demonstrate new technology. The technology demonstrations inform Defence of the potential performance and technical risk associated with future implementation.