Executive Management

Peter Bradley

Chief Engineer


Peter Bradley helped to found EM Solutions in 1998, and is currently Chief Engineer. His role is to manage the development of new products for EM Solutions, and to ensure the company remains a leading innovator of components and subsystems for broadband communications. He is a specialist in the design of solid state power amplifiers and other active components at microwave frequencies. Under Peter, the company has become a global leader in the development of low phase noise synthesised microwave oscillators, low noise block down-converters operating at input frequencies up to Ka-band, and linearised power up-converters for transmitters at power levels up to 100W and frequencies up to Ka-band.

Peter graduated from the University of Queensland and began his engineering career in the UK, returning to complete a Master’s Degree and to work at the Microwave Technology Development Centre at U.Q. Together with John Ness, Peter co-founded EM Solutions’ predecessor, Mitec, in 1987 where he built a multi-disciplinary team which was involved in a wide range of RF, microwave, DSP and systems engineering work. Many of the Satcom products designed and manufactured by Mitec under Peter’s leadership in the early 1990s are still in use today at companies like Aussat, Optus, and Telstra.


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