EM Solutions is recognised by customers around the world for its design and manufacture of advanced microwave and RF modules and systems that deliver next generation satellite and broadband communications. We offer differentiated products that embed our unique intellectual property, are customised to your specifications, and are available when you need them.

About Us

EM-premisesEM Solutions is recognised by customers around the world for designing and manufacturing next generation microwave and RF modules and systems that deliver satellite and broadband communications. The company offers differentiated microwave products that embed unique IP, developed to meet demanding customer specifications.

Emerging from its predecessor company MITEC in 1998, EM Solutions produces integrated RF modules such as low noise receivers and solid state high power transmitters for defence and commercial customers, as well as the complex systems in which they are used. These sophisticated systems are used primarily in microwave terrestrial and satellite links, or in other applications such as radar, radio-astronomy, and remote sensing.

EM Solutions customer base includes more than 200 of the world’s largest systems integrators and telecommunications companies. The company is a Defence accredited supplier and is ISO-9001 certified, and delivers quality products and services offering value for money.

Its most sophisticated and leading edge systems, such as its Ka-band satellite on the move terminals or stabilised mm-wave radio links, are testament to the company’s expertise in developing complex systems that integrate multi-frequency antenna feeds, analog hardware, and digital signal processing, with firmware control and mechanical subsystems.

EM Solutions also designs products for its subsidiary company EMClarity, which markets microwave backhaul radios for telecommunications carriers. EMClarity’s products are engineered to meet the demands of the challenging Australian market, which combined with a local design capability, means that the special requirements of the harsh Australian environment are quickly incorporated into its products. This has created some of the most highly reliable backhaul solutions available in the world, with field experience showing mean times between failure averaging 200,000 hours.


Systems Engineering and Verification Lead


EMS Solutions (EMS) is a Defence company with operations across Australia and internationally, delivering specialist Defence capability to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and international Defence Forces. EMS is a subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems (EOS), a global Defence and technology group based in Australia. EOS is a trusted partner to the ADF and is rapidly growing its Australian footprint to deliver system solutions and capability to the ADF.


About the Team

The multi-domain team is based in Brisbane, Australia. The team has significant experience in a range of Australian Defence projects, with a number of large Australian Defence contractors. We are developing, integrating and verifying SATCOM Systems. Our working location will shortly include a Systems Integration Laboratory and Software Development Environment.
This position will be based in Tennyson, Brisbane on a full-time basis.


About the role

Our Systems Engineering and Verification Lead is responsible for leading the Systems Engineering and Verification effort to design, integrate, and verify systems, subsystems, and components for our SATCOM Products.

You can anticipate some of your tasks to include:
• Participate in stakeholder requirements gathering and analysis.
• Work with system designers and engineering groups to develop formal system requirements
• Lead efforts to derive lower level requirements and their verification, from system level requirements
• Support the development and verification of prototypes and to-be-delivered components and systems
• Develop, release and maintain systems engineering and design documentation
• Develop, release and maintain verification documents including VCRM, verification plans, and verification procedures
• Participate in formal and informal Design Reviews
• Provide support to our Production and Through Life Support teams
• Mentor assigned and other less experienced staff
• Assist in the development of departmental capability


What are we looking for?

The experience and skillset best suited to this role include:

• Tertiary qualification in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
• Extensive experience in system requirements, engineering and verification domain
• Proven experience with requirements management tools (e.g. IBM DOORS/Jama)
• Previous experience working in ASDEFCON programs would be highly advantageous
• Experience with embedded electronics systems, verifying systems to MIL-STD-461 (or similar), EMI standards and experience with verifying systems to MIL-STD-810 (or similar) environmental standards, would be highly regarded
• Demonstrated strong leadership, interpersonal communication, consultation and negotiation skills
• Be eligible for (and maintain) an Australian Government Security Clearance (NV1)

This position is only available to Australian citizens. Permanent Residents and working visa holders will not be considered, as the incumbent must hold or be capable of obtaining and maintaining a current Australian Defence Security Clearance.

We welcome your EOI application in the form of a cover letter highlighting your experience and your areas of interest along with a short form CV to arna.macfarlane@emsolutions.com.au.


History of EM Solutions

EM Solutions is a proudly Australian company, born global, but of local talent.

MITEC smallIn 1987, two of the key founders of EM Solutions (who are still with the company), Dr John Ness and Peter Bradley, created a spin out company from the University of Queensland, MITEC, before they went on to found EM Solutions in 1998. At the time, MITEC was a microwave components and microwave links company with pioneering products in high power and long range microwave communications. MITEC was also one of the university’s most successful spin out companies, both technically and commercially in terms of the capital returned to UQ, even though this was realised well before the successful float of MITEC on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1994 or its $28m purchase by CODAN in 1997. This early success was significant because it led the way for other start-up companies to follow, including EM Solutions.

EM Solutions continued to grow in the decade following its inception, and in 2009, EMClarity was spun out of EM Solutions together with its intellectual property portfolio in terrestrial radios and modems. This move proved successful, with EMClarity able to pursue microwave backhaul markets in sectors such as the finance sector, which have proven considerably different than EM Solutions’ traditional markets in satellite communications.

The broader economic contribution of the MITEC, EM Solutions, and EMClarity family should not be underestimated. In 1987, there was no microwave industry in Queensland, and AWA was the only other microwave company of any substance in Australia. Original employees of MITEC later went on to create other companies in the microwave, wireless and manufacturing industries, some of the larger ones being Micreo (now L3 Micreo), Triasx (now Kaelus), Syndetic, and Surtech. Two students employed at MITEC subsequently became founders of GroundProbe, a company that today is one of the most innovative and successful high technology earlier_EMS_logocompanies in Brisbane. Taken together, these companies now employ over 400 people in South East Queensland alone, contributing at least $100M per year to the local economy, and exporting to most corners of the globe (approximately 80% of the total volume). There is no doubt that the roots of this industrial growth in the microwave sector can be traced back to MITEC.

MITEC was the direct predecessor of EM Solutions and even if history does not repeat itself, it rhymes. EM Solutions has tripled in size since 2013 and today is one of the most prestigious high technology companies in Australia.

EOS logoIn October 2019, EM Solutions was acquired by Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS).  

CEO Dr Rowan Gilmore said, "EM Solutions is delighted to become a part of the EOS Group. For our customers, the new group offers a deeper capital base, access to further leading edge research, and much greater support capability offshore.”

“For the Australian Defence Force, the new entity provides an even stronger sovereign capability in future communications capability. We look forward to continuing to develop and improve our existing suite of on-the-move satellite communications products and flat panel antennas while now investing in future space communications technology as part of EOS."



Quality Policy Statement

EM Solutions' products assist our clients to deliver real-time voice, data and multimedia anywhere in the world. We achieve this through technologically-superior design, manufacture, support and repair of satellite and microwave technology. We aspire to be leaders in delivering reliable but differentiated microwave products for broadband communications.

Committed to innovation and delivering quality solutions, EM Solutions is an agile team able to provide superior communication technology quickly and accurately with full design, manufacture, testing and support services available in-house and governed by strict ISO9001 quality practices.

We are a collaborative and market-focused organisation intent on leading, anticipating and meeting the needs of individual end-users. We take pride in our work and always operate with our core company values front of mind. We believe in:

  • Innovative design
  • Creating opportunities and solving problems
  • Working with integrity and positive purpose
  • Commitment and honouring obligations
  • Personal fulfilment through challenging and interesting work environments
  • Teamwork and supporting and fully engaging the talents of every member of staff

With deep expertise in RF and microwave communications, we design and manufacture our own products, as well as offer engineering design and manufacturing services to our clients.

To be successful, we seek to engage with our clients across the globe, and continue to move up the value chain through constant innovation, collaboration, and new product development.

Our people, products, and processes are the core elements that make up our company, and are critical to our success. We have made the strategic decision to adopt ISO 9001 requirements for creation of an effective Quality Management System within which we manage these elements to continually improve the operations and culture of the company.

By following our corporate strategy, we intend to exceed our customers’ expectations, to remain on the leading edge of technology, and to succeed financially as a company.

We measure our performance using a balanced scorecard, to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations, we execute on our promises, we innovate and undertake continuous improvement to grow and learn as an organisation, and to ensure we remain financially secure and viable.


Corporate Values

Committed to innovation and delivering quality solutions, we are an agile team able to provide superior communication technology quickly and accurately.

We take pride in our work and always operate with our core company values front of mind. We believe in:

  • Innovative design
  • Creating opportunities and solving problems
  • Working with integrity and positive purpose
  • Commitment and honouring obligations
  • Personal fulfilment through challenging and interesting work environments
  • Teamwork and supporting and fully engaging the talents of every member of staff

We are proud to be:

  • A responsive, hungry and agile business
  • Obsessed with excellence
  • A team of engineering experts
  • Developers of cutting-edge design and innovation
  • SATCOM experts in Ka-band
  • Servicing a global network of customers
  • Able to solve complex problems or challenges
  • At the forefront of communications technology


EM Solutions is an equal opportunity employer with staff from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. The company has a clearly articulated corporate mission and values, and a vision and series of strategic objectives set and reviewed annually by the Managing Director and the Board of Directors. The company prides itself on its exceptionally low turnover, its interesting work and leading edge innovation, and its participatory staff culture.


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For the team at EM Solutions, work is not something that they just do; it is something they live for, push to the limits and take pride in its achievements. With design and innovation being at the core EM Solutions, the team is tremendously proud of its achievements in innovation in the global marketplace, especially against such strong competition.

Although our repeat customers are the best testimonial for our products and services, we are honoured to have been awarded a number of independent awards that include:


Pacific 2019 Innovation Awards


Defence SME Innovation Grant

EM Solutions is honoured to have been awarded the Pacific 2019 SME Innovation Grant and to be Highly Commended for the Pacific 2019 National Innovation Award.  Both awards are associated with the Cobra X/Ka Tri-Band Maritime Satellite Communications Terminal recently deployed on Royal Australian Navy vessels. The Cobra terminal was developed by EM Solutions in collaboration with the Australian Department of Defence and provides enhanced capability through its ability to operate on both military and commercial satellite systems and use of proprietary satellite tracking technology that ensures robust operation in the harshest of conditions.

Defence+Industry Gala Awards 2018

EL awardlogo

Essington Lewis Award for Best SME, and,
Winner - Minor Aquisition (under $50M) category

2018 EL trophy
At the 2018 Australian Defence and Industry Awards we won the Minor Acquisition (under $50M) category for our collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy.  We also won the coveted Essington Lewis Award for best project overall, undertaken as a small business.

Special mention to the Royal Australian Navy and the Defence CASG (Capability Acquisition and Sustainment) team for their support.

The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2017

EA2017 Finalist Logo ManufacturingFinalist in the Manufacturing Category

     We were privileged to be acknowledged as a Finalist at the Premier of Queensland's Export Awards in 2017 for business excellence in manufacturing.
     These acknowledgements are a testament to the commitment and dedication of our staff to producing excellent work.

Top20 ANZ SMEs 14

ADM’s Top 20 Australia and New Zealand Defence SMEs 2017

The results of the Australian Defence Magazine's Top 20 Australia and New Zealand Defence SMEs Survey for 2017 are in and EM Solutions is on the list.  This accolade recognises our contribution as an SME to the Defence industry and we're super proud to be helping advance Australia's defence capabilities!

The Lord Mayor's Business Awards 2016

T 121602 eSig 2016 v1 4WINNER in the Business Innovation category

To be shortlisted as a Finalist for the Brisbane Times Award for Business Innovation was an exciting recognition for our Directors and staff - then we won!  It is a spectacular outcome to be recognised for our contribution towards raising the bar in innovation, collaboration, research and development.  The award also acknowledges the local impact and the extension of this to the world stage -where many decision-makers are choosing our people because of the level of expertise they offer.

ISO 90012015 reverse RGBISO9001:2015 Certification

As would be expected of a premier supplier and manufacturer, EM Solutions has maintained ISO9001 Certification since its origin. So we are very pleased to announce that we have recently passed certification requirements for the latest standard, ISO9001:2015.  The certification is audited annually and underpins the systems and processes used to design, engineer, and manufacture EM Solutions’ entire product range, and our interactions with you.

The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2015

EA2015 RGB with crest FINALIST logoFinalist in the ICT and Manufacturing Categories

We were pleased to, again, be acknowledged at the Premier of Queensland's Export Awards in 2015 for business excellence in international trade.  We came away with two awards, both Finalist positions in two categories, one in Manufacturing and the other in Information & Communications Technology.

The Australian Innovation Challenge 2013 – Finalist in ICT Category

Australian Innovation Challenge 2013
In 2013, EM Solutions’ Manager of Programs John Logan was named a finalist in The Australian newspaper Shell Innovation Awards (ICT Category).

The award was for the design and manufacture of a broadband communications on-the-move terminal. The citation stated “There are no other competing products that offer as high a data rate for two-way communications from a moving vehicle, with such high availability and resilience to turbulent motion conditions. The terminal truly offers broadband communications, anywhere, anytime, anyplace”.

airg medalThe Australasian Industrial Research Group (AIRG) 2012 AIRG Medal for Innovation in Australasian SME’s

In 2012, the AIRG Medal for Innovation in Australasian SME’s was awarded to Peter Bradley, Chief Engineer at EM Solutions.

The AIRG Medal is awarded to a current industrial research manager, researcher or group of researchers making the most outstanding Australasian industrial research management and/or industrial research contribution during the previous year. This award was made for the development of novel circuits and systems integrated into a compact satellite tracking terminal that can find, lock onto and track Ka-band (20/30GHz) satellites to deliver high capacity data (>2Mb/s), even while the terminal is mobile whether on a land vehicle, ship or aircraft.

cluniesAustralian Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers Clunies-Ross Award

The Academy of Technological Science and Engineering (ATSE) Clunies Ross Awards, founded in honour of the late Sir Ian Clunies Ross, recognises Australia’s best achievers in science, technology and engineering. The coveted 2011 awards, now in their 20th year, were awarded to a select group of people including Dr John Ness, founder and currently Director of Corporate Technology at EM Solutions.

For a period of more than 30 years, Dr John Ness has been, and still is, an acknowledged leader in the microwave telecommunications field. He has established successful and sustainable microwave companies in Australia with considerable national and international commercial success, and has had a major influence in the establishment of a group of other microwave companies. His award acknowledged his contribution to microwave communications, his novel innovations, and his work in founding EM Solutions and surrounding industry.

export-awardsPremier of Queensland's Export Awards

The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards is Queensland's highest recognition of exporting achievement. EM Solutions is an award finalist, publicly recognised for its talent and innovative spirit, and its role in boosting the State and Australia's economy.


Technology and Innovation

EM Solutions strives to maintain its position as a world-leading company recognised for offering technologically superior microwave modules and systems for next generation broadband communications. Innovation is our DNA. Our engineering team possesses a wealth of understanding and experience in the complex manipulation of electromagnetic energy (radio waves). For more than 25 years, we have developed products at frequencies from L-band (1GHz) to Ku-band (18GHz). These products are mature, proven, and reliable.

Now, with the push for broadband communications and launch of new satellites, Ka-band (27.5 to 31 GHz) products are increasingly in demand. EM Solutions has become one of the world’s foremost suppliers of microwave components and subsystems across the entire Ka-band. Unlike Ku-band and lower frequencies, the design and manufacture of solid-state high power Ka-band components requires a unique combination of expertise in both microstrip and waveguide techniques, where mechanical and electromagnetic constraints present unique challenges. With electromagnetic radiation effects much more subtle at Ka-band frequencies, and with greater susceptibility to parasitic effects and losses, significantly greater attention is required in the engineering of these components, particularly at high power levels, where classical microstrip techniques are inadequate on their own to efficiently obtain the bandwidths, power levels, and efficiencies required of state-of-the-art microwave transceivers.

Continuing the tradition of engineering excellence, EM Solutions recently collaborated with Australia’s CSIRO research institute to develop the world’s first long-distance mm-wave 5Gbps radio operating in E-band (71-86 GHz). This development required re-engineering a prototype lab radio into a hardened field-ready outdoor unit, and developing a novel alignment and pointing system to maintain the 1.2m antennas at each end of the radio link in perfect line of sight.

EM Solutions offers decades of experience and a strong engineering tradition in electromagnetics to its customers, to ensure they are delivered world-class products that meet their specific requirements.


EM Solutions

EM Solutions is a leading supplier of microwave modules and systems to both defence and commercial customers around the world. With a team of leading engineers on its staff and its own manufacturing facility, the company can provide engineering services, design expertise, and a broad range of microwave products and systems to meet any customer requirement.
Our experience and capability includes developing highly integrated RF components, modules, and subsystems. These are used in a variety of applications, but most particularly in X-, Ku- and Ka-band satellite communications terminals - purpose designed for specific customer requirements. This requires the design of planar RF and microwave circuits from 10MHz up to 40GHz; power combining and dividing techniques; high power amplifiers and linearisers; low noise amplifiers; frequency synthesisers; passive modules (filters, couplers, etc.); antennas; and waveguide filters. Our capability also includes failure analysis and modelling of oscillators; investigation of spurious signals, leakage, and ripple; low phase noise design; and phase-hit avoidance and recovery.

System Engineering

EM Solutions is more than a developer of microwave components; it has successfully integrated these into complex systems entailing a combination of analog and digital components tied together with complex control software, firmware, and mechanical systems.
When the Australian military was seeking a new satellite terminal (for its Ka-band WGS satellite constellation) that could mount on top of its four-wheel drive Bushmaster vehicle, and that could communicate with the satellite even when the vehicle was driving off-road, it could not find a supplier anywhere in the world. The challenges of designing a complete tracking platform that could find the satellite and keep an antenna pointed to within 0.2 degrees of the satellite, and couple it with a complete microwave transmitter and receiver, were beyond any other company. Yet within twelve months, EM Solutions was able to demonstrate a working prototype of such an “on-the-move” terminal. That prototype system has now been engineered for production, and is the world’s only terminal that can meet the demanding certification requirements of the military WGS satellite system at Ka-band. It uses an age-old monopulse direction-finding technique implemented with leading-edge components to create a terminal that is unparalleled in its performance. The terminal uses a Web-accessed control system to support the complex digital signal processing within the system necessary to remove the Doppler shift on the monopulse signals and derive and maintain the correct pointing direction for the antenna before it can properly communicate.

More recently, the company developed a similar system for long-distance mm-wave terrestrial communications links operating at 70-80GHz, to maintain accurate pointing between antennas at both ends of the link. Without such a system, large antennas with their narrow beam-widths are impossible to use over any distance, since even minor wind gusts or temperature perturbations can cause the antenna to shift a fraction of a degree, and lose sight of the far end of the link. When coupled with EM Solutions proprietary radio technology, data rates of 5 Gbps over link lengths of 15km were achieved with no errors!
Such vertical integration of systems design with electronic and mechanical sub-systems and modules developed in house over many years provides a depth of understanding and ability to meet customer requirements that few other companies can match.

Microwave subsystems

EM Solutions core microwave product set includes its low-noise block down convertors (LNBs) and block up convertors (BUCs) that form the RF front-end sitting between a communications terminal modem and the antenna. Together, these subsystems make up the receiver and transmitter components of a satellite communications terminal.

BUCs and LNBs are complex subsystems themselves, and comprise a combination of filters, oscillators, mixers, and amplifiers engineered to deliver signals with the right gain and power, at the right frequency between the communications modem and the antenna. In addition, they require digital supervisory boards to interface with the terminal control system, and are frequently required to be engineered to specific dimensions and to operate over wide temperature ranges. With the drive to achieve lower size and weight without sacrificing power, such subsystems are constantly being innovated and upgraded to take advantage of the latest innovations in semiconductor technology.

EM Solutions product roadmap for its range of BUCs is shown in [link here]

Power combiners, filters, and high-power solid state amplifiers

EM Solutions is one of the world’s few top-tier suppliers of Ka-band RF components. Our engineering is unsurpassed. Although many companies will claim the ability to engineer and deliver solid-state products in the Ka-Band frequency range, experience shows that customers are frequently disappointed. At lower frequencies, higher power levels can be achieved by combining power from multiple devices using microstrip couplers. Such a binary combinatorial approach cannot be simply extended to Ka-band, for it results in high cost, unacceptable power losses, and narrow bandwidths.
Instead, EM Solutions uses a unique three-dimensional E-plane waveguide combining technique that allows power from any arbitrary number of devices to be combined serially and in the industry’s smallest volume packages. This modular approach based on clever use of electromagnetics achieves the highest power “density” possible, using the least number of active devices, and results in better reliability, power efficiency and lower component cost. Our 16W Ka-band nanoBUC’s are the industry’s lightest and smallest available, ideal for mounting directly at the antenna feed of even the smallest terminal.

Lineariser technology

When loaded with a typical communications signal, microwave transmitters must be “backed-off” from their nominal (single-tone) 1dB power compression point, in order to preserve signal linearity and prevent unwanted spectral regrowth. That lowers both efficiency and power output. 

EM Solutions’ approach to minimise back-off is to use its own integrated, proprietary lineariser technology, delivering a linearised BUC (block upconvertor) power transmit module that minimises the power reduction due to back-off and maintains both output power and power efficiency that would otherwise be lost. Because our pre-distorter lineariser operates directly at the microwave source, it is independent of the type of modulation or coding system used. Furthermore, using a dual conversion super-heterodyne architecture, EM Solutions’ transmitter modules can now cover a wide range of operating frequencies in a single unit, with the lineariser bandwidth able to compensate across the entire Ka-band.

Although the addition of a lineariser adds some cost to the final BUC, its inclusion guarantees linearity and integrity of output power that would otherwise require specification of higher nominal power levels that would prove even more costly. In our linearised Ka-Band solid state power amplifier/BUC specifications, we reference both saturated power and linear power, as this helps customers determine the most suitable and cost-effective product to deliver the overall terminal performance needed to deliver the bandwidth.

Low phase-hit synthesisers

EM Solutions has engineered a proprietary oscillator topology for use in its block up-converters. Lower frequency oscillators typically use a dielectric resonator (DRO) to achieve their stability and low phase noise, but at higher frequencies these are more prone to microphonic effects, due to the smaller wavelength interacting more strongly with the mechanical resonator tuning plate. EM Solutions’ synthesiser technology uses a dual loop oscillator that avoids the use of a dielectric resonator, and that has proven invaluable for example in the environmental conditions on marine vessels, where our technology provides significantly fewer phase hits under vibration compared to traditional DRO technology with similar phase noise.



Message from CEO

Rowan Gilmore, CEO
EM Solutions Pty Ltd

Welcome to EM Solutions.

Constant innovation through better design is in our DNA. We believe everything can always be improved and there is always more to learn; when we KNOW MORE, we can DO MORE to make positive change.

This philosophy is not only at the core of our business but it’s the reason we do business. Our mission is to enable our world to communicate, learn and share more effectively in more places, more often. We can achieve this through the delivery of our superior microwave radio and satellite communications technology providing greater access, perspective and insight that are invaluable for the future of all.

We design today for the possibilities of tomorrow.

By keeping on top of ideas and breakthroughs as well as problems and challenges we prepare ourselves with the tools and data to deliver useful and reliable products and services to meet and exceed expectations in the ever-changing communications environment.

We welcome the opportunity to find solutions to your challenges and bring your projects to life.

Contact us via your preferred method and let’s put those radio waves to work.