Quality Policy Statement

EM Solutions’ products assist our clients to deliver real-time voice, data and multimedia anywhere in the world. We achieve this through technologically-superior design, manufacture, support and repair of satellite and microwave technology. We aspire to be leaders in delivering reliable but differentiated microwave products for broadband communications.

Committed to innovation and delivering quality solutions, EM Solutions is an agile team able to provide superior communication technology quickly and accurately with full design, manufacture, testing and support services available in-house and governed by strict ISO9001 quality practices.

We are a collaborative and market-focused organisation intent on leading, anticipating and meeting the needs of individual end-users. We take pride in our work and always operate with our core company values front of mind. We believe in:

  • Innovative design
  • Creating opportunities and solving problems
  • Working with integrity and positive purpose
  • Commitment and honouring obligations
  • Personal fulfilment through challenging and interesting work environments
  • Teamwork and supporting and fully engaging the talents of every member of staff


With deep expertise in RF and microwave communications, we design and manufacture our own products, as well as offer engineering design and manufacturing services to our clients.

To be successful, we seek to engage with our clients across the globe, and continue to move up the value chain through constant innovation, collaboration, and new product development.

Our people, products, and processes are the core elements that make up our company, and are critical to our success. We have made the strategic decision to adopt ISO 9001 requirements for creation of an effective Quality Management System within which we manage these elements to continually improve the operations and culture of the company.

By following our corporate strategy, we intend to exceed our customers’ expectations, to remain on the leading edge of technology, and to succeed financially as a company.

We measure our performance using a balanced scorecard, to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations, we execute on our promises, we innovate and undertake continuous improvement to grow and learn as an organisation, and to ensure we remain financially secure and viable.