Having worked with the Australian Army and Navy directly, and with multi-national system integrators to service defense forces in North America and Europe, the EM Solutions team knows defence. When tactical operations require communication services on the move, in rugged terrain, EM Solutions provides.

The custom and off the shelf products and services provided for defense clients are hardy, reliable and accurately maintain pointing on the move to ensure the highest availability. From system components to complete on-the-move terminals, EM has a solution that has been designed and tested for the toughest situations.

Currently we are developing multi band terminals operating in Ka-band to provide hi-speed data communications, and that automatically drop back to other bands when Ka-band is congested or unavailable due to weather.

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Arming our defence forces with clear communications

For over 30 years members of the EM Solutions team have played a vital role in supporting system integrators and prime contractors to deliver microwave and mechatronic technologies that have helped defence forces across the globe with one of their most important tasks – enabling clear communications.

Delivering a message or video update from the roughest and most remote places on earth cannot be taken for granted. It requires rugged, broadband, wireless equipment that can be deployed quickly, on the move, and with limited power. The EM Solutions team thrive on challenge, and so it comes as no surprise that they were drawn to the high-stakes and unique circumstances faced by those in the defence arena.

With their skill and determination they have proven themselves time and time again; from microwave amplifiers to on-the-move satellite terminals, EMS has designed, built, installed and maintained effective systems beyond count. They have built such a reputation that, contractors and integrators worldwide count on EM Solutions to deliver reliable and robust communications systems to defence personnel.

As the world marvels at the advancements in technology over the last few decades, the EMS team fondly recall their challenging but rewarding projects and proudly stand by their numerous world-first achievements in support of defence.