Your business is our business. When you’re dependent on high-quality telecommunications infrastructure and require products that are reliable, meet standards and ensure maintenance-free operation, the team at EM Solutions is here to help.

EM Solutions’ telecommunications products are state of the art providing highest available communication speeds for satellite communications, and are backed by an expert team of engineers and manufacturers. 

Whether you are looking for a design or manufacturing partner or want the complete solution, talk to the team today about how we can achieve your telecommunications goals.

Visit our partner company, EM Clarity. EM Solutions has provided design and manufacturing capabilities for all EM Clarity branded product to date, and will continue to do so. We are particularly proud of the world’s fastest radio – the E10G.



Design & Engineering

For the entrepreneur who has an idea that needs developing or has an existing product that isn’t yet perfect, meet our incredible Design & Engineering team.

In addition to the extensive range of EM Solutions off-the-shelf products, custom design and engineering services are available to provide specific design elements to suit individual needs, systems and integrations.

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