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A Quality Provider of Microwave Radio Links World Wide

EM Solutions has been developing RF backhaul hardware (high data rate RF communication equipment) for over a decade. We are the specialists in microwave radio links, point-to-point and complex TDMA point-to-multipoint systems. Our current product range includes the E1000 fixed terrestrial point-to-point radio, delivered to the market by EMClarity, which consists of an outdoor unit comprising RF receiver and transmitter hardware in a variety of transmission bands up to 23GHz, and an indoor unit containing modem and Ethernet interfaces for processing IP traffic streams as fast as 1Gbps. The product achieves state-of-the-art spectral efficiency, minimising the cost of bandwidth licences while supporting fibre-like data rates wirelessly.


Our innovative radio solutions are second to none

Most recently, the company has worked closely with CSIRO to bring to market a 10 Gbps E-band radio link, with sub-microsecond latency, capable of working with antennas as large as 1.2m. Using a patented stabilised platform to achieve and maintain pointing between both ends of the link. This radio exceeds its closest competitor's link margin by a massive 12dB and can be operated even from monopole towers. The additional link margin can be used to trade-off availability, distance (up to 15km), and data rate according to the customer's requirements.


Quality assured to meet the challenges of the environment

EMClarity's products are engineered to meet the demands of the challenging Australian market, which when combined with a local design capability, means that the special requirements of the harsh Australian environment are quickly incorporated into our products. This has created one of the most highly reliable backhaul solutions available in the world, with field experience indicating mean times between failure averaging 200,000 hours.

For more information on our radio links, or microwave subsystems, call us on +61 734140700. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist and can provide an obligation free quote.