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      Our Satcom Terminals Keep you Connected on the Move

      A complete communications system comprising antenna, RF system, and tracking platform, EM Solutions’ first generation Ka-band OTM terminal incorporates a shaped Axially Displaced Elliptical antenna, closed-loop tracking using proprietary monopulse beacon signal processing, direct drive motors, motor drivers, encoders, gyros and a proprietary motion control system implemented in FPGA. The system comes configured with a complete Ka-band WGS certifiable transceiver that transmits 4W linear power across 30-31GHz, and accepts an intermediate frequency input from an external modem at 1-2GHz.

      Portable Satcom terminals for maritime and air force application

      This unique terminal, developed for the Australian Army, achieves pointing errors of less than 0.2 degrees through a proprietary tracking system that is GPS immune. It avoids the use of expensive inertial navigation units based on GPS, using instead a novel yet proven closed loop control technique. The system can be customised for a range of expected motion profiles, and features best in class DC power consumption because of its gimbal design, low weight, and mechanical profile. Whether you need this design for maritime purposes or the air force, our Satcom terminal range will be suited to your specific needs.

      Subsequent terminal developments have continued to advance this technology. Terminals are environmentally sealed for the most gruelling conditions, using novel heat exchanger or air-conditioner technology to remove heat from under the sealed radome. BUCs providing up to 40W power are available in the transmitter, and a fourth rotational axis for the feed is also available to receive either circular or linearly polarised signals.

      Flawless roaming between multiple band widths

      EM Solutions’ third generation technology, currently at prototype stage, allows seamless roaming between multiple satellites and at multiple bands (X, Ka-mil, and Ka-com) without any change out of equipment. Not only that, our maritime and air force terminals operate while on the move in any terrain – air, sea, or land!