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Making the most of Ka GaN


One of the benefits of GaN is that its larger device voltage and resulting higher output impedance mean it is easier to match for maximum power over a wider frequency range. Ka-band GaN chips are now commercially available with up to 9W saturated output power from 27.5 – 31 GHz.

This wide bandwidth is a perfect match for EM Solutions new nanoBUC HUB: a broadband Ka-band frequency upconverter incorporating its own pre-distortion linearizer and management and control functionality. Previous generation L- to Ka- band BUCs use a single frequency (direct) conversion architecture and are restricted to a single 1 GHz wide RF operating frequency, see figure 1. The nanoBUC HUB, on the other hand, uses a dual upconversion technique, see figure 2. This architecture allows the LO products to be effectively filtered out away from Ka-frequencies, allowing operation across the full Ka-band.



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