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EM Solutions Staff present six papers at ICSSC


EM Solutions staff presented an unprecedented six technical papers at the AIAA International Communication Satellite Systems Conference held on Australia’s Gold Coast in September 2015.

Along with sixty other presenters, from ten countries, our staff presented their technical achievements in the areas of on-the-move satellite terminals, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, and associated design issues. These all related to the conference theme broadband, high throughput communications over satellite – also EM Solutions’ principal area of expertise.

We are pleased to be able to share their work with you below:

Download this file (6.2015-4313.pdf)6.2015-4313.pdf[Cooling of Under Radome COMT Terminals with Forced Heat Exchange]856 kB
Download this file (6.2015-4331.pdf)6.2015-4331.pdf[A Ring-Focus Antenna Design for Simultaneous X and Ka Band with Monopulse Tracking on Both Bands]1356 kB
Download this file (6.2015-4338.pdf)6.2015-4338.pdf[Evolution of Low Noise Receiver Design for Ka Band Satellite Terminals in Hostile Environments]1291 kB
Download this file (6.2015-4345.pdf)6.2015-4345.pdf[Optimised Bias Control for Satellite Ground Station Power Amplifiers]2918 kB
Download this file (6.2015-4356.pdf)6.2015-4356.pdf[Implementation of a Wideband High Power GaN BUC in a Compact Package]986 kB
Download this file (6.2015-4358.pdf)6.2015-4358.pdf[Analog Predistortion Linearizer for a Gallium Nitride Power Amplifier]1473 kB