33rd Annual AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference

7-10 September 2015
Gold Coast, Australia

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. The 2015 ICSSC conference is co-hosted by Australian based EM Solutions and the AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications.

The Conference theme is “High Throughput Satellites, Other Performance Advances and Applications – Keeping Satellites Essential in a Broadband World” and has been chosen to emphasise that even though fibre networks tend to dominate discussion of broadband telecommunications, ours is a wireless world, and satellites remain the only platform to offer communications anywhere, anytime.

The applications of satellites are broad, and range from the provision of broadband services such as entertainment, health, and education to remote areas; to users on the move in areas without infrastructure; national defence and security; remote sensing of lands and oceans; and importantly, transport safety.

Underpinning these uses are technology platforms that must evolve to meet increasingly complex applications – platforms that offer broadband data transfer, lower latency, and on-the-move mobility in rough terrain. This has required the development of new network architectures, but also new antennas, terminals and modems, and satellites that are more cost effective and adaptable for multiple uses.

This conference will explore these challenges, propose and discuss solutions, and provide a forum for the exploration of the economic, marketing, technical, and regulatory issues affecting these new and planned services.

Find out more on their website: http://satcomspace.org/

Em Solutions Representative