Executive Management

VP Operations

Georgios is responsible for the manufacturing, testing and maintenance of EM Solutions products. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality he manages the expert team of engineers and technicians who carry out complex assembly and testing of equipment to ensure it complies with strict specifications and standards. Georgios works closely with EM Solutions’ Corporate Technology and Engineering groups to develop prototype systems and to ensure compliance with the company’s manufacturing ISO9001:2008 quality system.

After graduating in Electronic Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, Georgios’ career started at Airtech as an R.F. Engineer designing TMAs and RF Conditioning systems for the cellular market. He then joined ComDev’s New Business Development team establishing new customers in Europe and Far East. Georgios provided technical support and trained new employees within multidisciplinary teams on NPI for various products in high volume manufacturing environments and established a new state-of-the-art facility in China. In addition, Georgios was the technical lead on projects for customers such as Alcatel, Nortel, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Orange, NEC, Huawei and ZTE.

VP Programmes

John has over twenty years’ industrial experience in the satellite telecommunications and electronics industry. John’s role at EM Solutions is to Project Manage the satellite programs within Australia for the Australian Defence Forces and assist international vendors who purchase our equipment to integrate with their systems.

John has been responsible for the successful completion of JP2008 Phase 3E MASTIS Terminals for Royal Australian Navy working with the Prime contractor, BAE Systems Australia. MASTIS project was the design and manufacture of a shipborne tracking Ka-band satellite system. John also managed the completion of JP2008 Phase 3E CTRS Land Terminals – Flyaway Ka-band system – for the Australian Army working with BAE Systems Australia.

Currently John is heading the US WGS Certification Program for EM Solutions’ Communications on the Move (COTM) Ka-band Satellite Terminal. COTM is a VSAT terminal developed by EM Solutions with support from BAE Systems for the Australian Defence Forces as part of a capability technology demonstration program.

Prior to joining EM Solutions in 2003, John was Senior Manufacturing Manager at Filtronic PLC, a high volume manufacture of microwave filters for cellular base station infrastructure. Filtronic PLC was one of the world’s largest providers of microwave filters with approximately 3000 employees worldwide. Customers included NEC, NOKIA and Huawei.

Chief Technology Officer
john ness

John Ness helped found EM Solutions in 1998, and currently leads the Corporate Technology Group. His responsibility is to help solve the most difficult technical challenges that are presented to EM Solutions, and to ensure the company’s knowledge base is ever evolving and on top of latest research, breakthroughs and challenges.

John has a B.E. (Electrical), PhD and a BA from the University of Queensland and has been involved in the telecommunications industry since the 1970s. At EM Solutions his specialist expertise is in electromagnetic analysis applied to products such as high power amplifiers, antennas, filters and feed networks. John helped set up Mitec as a public company in 1987, which became the basis for the RF/microwave industry in Queensland, Australia.

Prior to that John had worked in Sydney on the Interscan microwave landing system for the Australian aviation industry, which brought together the expertise of CSIRO, the Australian government and industry to create new technology and eventually companies. From Interscan through to EM Solutions he has developed products for radar, telecommunications and radioastronomy satellites, ground station equipment for miniature to large-scale earth stations, remote sensing equipment and microwave links. John has taken out patents in antennas and microwave heating applications.

In 2010 John was awarded the prestigious Clunies Ross Award by the Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers for excellence in innovation.

Chief Engineer

After graduating from the University of Queensland with 1st class honors in engineering, Garth Niethe worked with Filtronic Comtek on components for high power telecommunications amplifiers. He then moved to Codan where he helped develop their range of C- and Ku- band BUCs, before joining EM Solutions in 2006. He has a passion for innovation and working in collaboration with others.

Garth is now Chief Engineer at EM Solutions, working with the Engineering Group alongside the Chief Technology Officer to bring the company’s latest innovations to life. Before taking on a senior leadership role at EM Solutions, Garth spent 15 years developing a range of designs for the company’s product line of BUCs and LNBs, including low-noise wideband synthesisers, analogue predistortion networks and waveguide combined SSPAs. He has a wide breadth of experience ranging from power supplies and microcontrollers to FPGAs and microwave amplifiers for both ground stations and nano-satellites. In particular he has a knack at amplifying wanted signals and eliminating unwanted ones.

Director of Global Sales

Gary Shmith joined EM Solutions as a Director of Global Sales in 2014 His role is to lead the development of markets for EM Solutions products globally through a mix of direct and channel partner sales.

Gary’s previous experience includes General Manager, Satellite Communications at Codan where he was instrumental in the introduction of new products to market and the development and growth of a global business over a 20-year period.

Gary has a Bachelor of Communications and Electronic Engineering from RMIT in Melbourne and over 30 years experience in the global satellite communications industry.