Executive Management

Garth Niethe

Chief Engineer

After graduating from the University of Queensland with 1st class honors in engineering, Garth Niethe worked with Filtronic Comtek on components for high power telecommunications amplifiers. He then moved to Codan where he helped develop their range of C- and Ku- band BUCs, before joining EM Solutions in 2006. He has a passion for innovation and working in collaboration with others.

Garth is now Chief Engineer at EM Solutions, working with the Engineering Group alongside the Chief Technology Officer to bring the company’s latest innovations to life. Before taking on a senior leadership role at EM Solutions, Garth spent 15 years developing a range of designs for the company’s product line of BUCs and LNBs, including low-noise wideband synthesisers, analogue predistortion networks and waveguide combined SSPAs. He has a wide breadth of experience ranging from power supplies and microcontrollers to FPGAs and microwave amplifiers for both ground stations and nano-satellites. In particular he has a knack at amplifying wanted signals and eliminating unwanted ones.