Executive Management

John Logan

VP Programmes

John has over twenty years’ industrial experience in the satellite telecommunications and electronics industry. John’s role at EM Solutions is to Project Manage the satellite programs within Australia for the Australian Defence Forces and assist international vendors who purchase our equipment to integrate with their systems.

John has been responsible for the successful completion of JP2008 Phase 3E MASTIS Terminals for Royal Australian Navy working with the Prime contractor, BAE Systems Australia. MASTIS project was the design and manufacture of a shipborne tracking Ka-band satellite system. John also managed the completion of JP2008 Phase 3E CTRS Land Terminals – Flyaway Ka-band system – for the Australian Army working with BAE Systems Australia.

Currently John is heading the US WGS Certification Program for EM Solutions’ Communications on the Move (COTM) Ka-band Satellite Terminal. COTM is a VSAT terminal developed by EM Solutions with support from BAE Systems for the Australian Defence Forces as part of a capability technology demonstration program.

Prior to joining EM Solutions in 2003, John was Senior Manufacturing Manager at Filtronic PLC, a high volume manufacture of microwave filters for cellular base station infrastructure. Filtronic PLC was one of the world’s largest providers of microwave filters with approximately 3000 employees worldwide. Customers included NEC, NOKIA and Huawei.