Executive Management

John Ness

Chief Technology Officer

John Ness helped found EM Solutions in 1998, and currently leads the Corporate Technology Group. His responsibility is to help solve the most difficult technical challenges that are presented to EM Solutions, and to ensure the company’s knowledge base is ever evolving and on top of latest research, breakthroughs and challenges.

John has a B.E. (Electrical), PhD and a BA from the University of Queensland and has been involved in the telecommunications industry since the 1970s. At EM Solutions his specialist expertise is in electromagnetic analysis applied to products such as high power amplifiers, antennas, filters and feed networks. John helped set up Mitec as a public company in 1987, which became the basis for the RF/microwave industry in Queensland, Australia.

Prior to that John had worked in Sydney on the Interscan microwave landing system for the Australian aviation industry, which brought together the expertise of CSIRO, the Australian government and industry to create new technology and eventually companies. From Interscan through to EM Solutions he has developed products for radar, telecommunications and radioastronomy satellites, ground station equipment for miniature to large-scale earth stations, remote sensing equipment and microwave links. John has taken out patents in antennas and microwave heating applications.

In 2010 John was awarded the prestigious Clunies Ross Award by the Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers for excellence in innovation.