Essington Lewis Awards 2018


The Essington Lewis Awards are designed to recognise excellence in collaboration between industry and the Australian Department of Defence.  We've pleased to have been selected as a Finalist in the Minor Acquisition category - a great acknowledgement of our working relationship with the Royal Australian Navy.

EM Solutions Linearizer Technology

Improving performance of solid state amplifiers in satellite earth stations

The design of a satellite communications system is a complex, multidimensional task and no two systems are the same. Having said that there are a number of limiting factors which are common to all systems and every design process involves trade-offs between them.

TUNE IN: Research Update


For several years now, EM Solutions has continued to refine the technology behind its versatile on-the-move satellite terminals for land and sea, with its multi-band parabolic antennas providing access to multiple satellite bands and its unique monopulse tracking technology ensuring high connectivity even in rough motion.

Brisbane Lord Mayor's Business Awards

2017lmba landscape

We made the final cut!  Really proud to be a Finalist in the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Business Awards again this year!  Of course this wouldn't be possible without the commitment of our staff so a big thank you to the team for putting in hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication!

Flat Panel Antenna Research Project

EM Solutions on-the-move satellite communications terminals are well known and proven in providing the most reliable communications links possible via satellite. Compared with competitive products, our terminals have two crucial advantages: the terminals can switch automatically between bands (such as military and commercial Ka- or to X-) in the event of congestion or poor weather; and our monopulse tracking technology maintains link connectivity even under the most severe motion conditions. Read more here.