EM Solutions to become part of EOS Communications

Electro Optic Systems (ASX:EOS) has agreed to acquire space communications company EM Solutions Pty Limited.

EM Solutions CEO Dr Rowan Gilmore today announced, "EM Solutions is delighted to become a part of the EOS Group. For our customers, the new group offers a deeper capital base, access to further leading edge research, and much greater support capability offshore.”

ASA - People are ready once again to get onboard with technology

A lot has changed since EM Solution’s founder Dr. John Ness built circuits for space some 30 years ago. In those days it took a long time to get approval to use surface mount components even though these were much smaller, lighter and more reliable than the, then, old fashioned wire-wound components. The predecessor space circuits look very primitive by comparison.

EM Solutions Supporting Internships

EM Solutions Supporting Internships

Their youthful energy, inquisitive minds and contemporary learning is a welcome addition to the office – that’s right, we’ve got Interns!  EM Solutions has a long history of providing internships to some of the country’s brightest minds and this year is no different. We currently have four promising engineers-in-the-making integrated into our workforce, cutting their teeth alongside our technological leaders in industry.

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For several years now, EM Solutions has continued to refine the technology behind its versatile on-the-move satellite terminals for land and sea, with its multi-band parabolic antennas providing access to multiple satellite bands and its unique monopulse tracking technology ensuring high connectivity even in rough motion.

EM Solutions selected by Thales for supply of satcom radio subsystems

Following a 2016 framework agreement signed between Thales and EM Solutions, we were fortunate to be recognised in 2018 as Thales Australia’s Supplier of the Year award for Export Achievement.  More recently, we have been awarded a AUD$ 6.5M contract by global prime contractor Thales for the supply of satellite radio systems to support a major connectivity project. 

Compliance testing at EM Solutions

Vibration PlatformEM Solutions’ products are deployed in a wide variety of places – land, sea, air and space.  Each of these has application-specific compliance requirements governed by military, civilian, aeronautical and space standards and their certifying agencies.  The requirements cover environmental testing such as temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, altitude, water ingress, salt fog, as well as sand and dust. 

Essington Lewis Awards 2018


The Essington Lewis Awards are designed to recognise excellence in collaboration between industry and the Australian Department of Defence.  We've pleased to have been selected as a Finalist in the Minor Acquisition category - a great acknowledgement of our working relationship with the Royal Australian Navy.