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The Diamond Series BUC Family is being shipped

Available as single package integrated BUCs or stand-alone power amplifier units with separate nanoBUC HUB, this new range of Ka-band Multiband GaN products can achieve output powers of up to 100W at any frequency in the Ka spectrum. All in the smallest form factor and with the highest efficiency on the market!

Products available:

  • 355 Series Hub 
  • 357 Series SSPA (16W and 25W)
  • 360 Series BUC (15W and 25W)
  • 322 Series BUC (40W and 80W)

What you’ll get from the Diamond Series:

  • 1dB extra in linear power
  • Only product that offers up to 3GHz of bandwidth in a single unit
  • Up to 50% less DC power consumption
  • Up to 50% lower weight
  • Up to 50% less dimensional volume
  • First to Market with GaN technology at Ka Band for these power levels

EM Solutions’ Diamond Series will be on display at DSEI in London in September with their European Partner UR Group. Find out more about DSEI at:

For more information on the EM Solutions Ka Multiband Diamond Series visit or talk to the team on