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Cobra M3 X/Ka Triband meets SEA1180 OPV Program

An exciting day for EM Solutions as we conclude negotiations for supply of the Cobra M3 X/Ka Triband Maritime Terminal for the SEA1180 OPV Program. Our CEO Rowan Gilmore and Commonwealth GFE Procurement Manager for the SEA1180 Program Tanya Hall (pictured) signed a contract under which EM Solutions will deliver and install its 1m Cobra maritime terminal to the Australian Navy for the new Offshore Patrol Vessels. The Cobra terminal, designed and developed in Australia, is the only one of its kind in the world capable of operating on both the alliance WGS satellites simultaneously in both X- and Ka-bands, and fall back to operation on the commercial Inmarsat GX satellites. The contract is one of EM Solutions’ largest to date, and strengthens the close relationship through which the company provides support to the Royal Australian Navy for satellite communications.

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