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Demonstrating another first from EM Solutions in Arizona

Something truly incredible for the future of telecommunications

If you’re a telecommunications company and you haven’t heard about our demonstration of the latest ‘first’ from EM Solutions at the 2015 International Microwave Symposium in Phoenix, then read on!

The EMS team has been working closely with the world’s leading R&D organisations (CSIRO) and industry partners (MACOM) together with its subsidiary EMClarity to develop something truly incredible for the future of telecommunications.

What you’ll find at the Symposium is our team demonstrating a 5Gb/s data stream that is upconverted directly to E-Band (80GHz) with a brand new MACOM packaged upconverter, which integrates a WR12 waveguide port, LO, multiplier and mm-wave amplifiers.  Our new mm-wave radio achieves ultra low latency over long distances and uses the low noise up/downconverter chip from MACOM that pipes the E-band mm-wave signal directly into our high-speed modem, reducing the radio’s cost and complexity to that of a single wireless chip.  

For telecommunications companies starting to test new 5G networks, this innovation will make the necessary radios far more affordable.

The 16QAM link has demonstrated very good performance with a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 20dB and we’ve seen a keen interest from the symposium attendees so far. 

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