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Flat Panel Antenna Research Project


EM Solutions on-the-move satellite communications terminals are well known and proven in providing the most reliable communications links possible via satellite. Compared with competitive products, our terminals have two crucial advantages: the terminals can switch automatically between bands (such as military and commercial Ka- or to X-) in the event of congestion or poor weather; and our monopulse tracking technology maintains link connectivity even under the most severe motion conditions.

For the present, all our terminals use parabolic reflectors as part of their antenna system. These offer multi-band capability, constant and high gain, and excellent beam performance. However, for customers who are happy to operate in a single band but still require robust tracking under motion, a lower profile antenna is preferred.

Under a significant R&D project in collaboration with the University of Queensland, EM Solutions are well underway in the design of a novel beam-steerable flat panel antenna architecture. Our solution is perfect for on-the-move requirements, since it is able to track the direction of incoming signal via a 2D hybrid decision-making module, incorporating the same monopulse technology used on our terminals with parabolic antennas. So far, such tracking capability has not been available in any other flat panel antenna design. This technology radically redefines the classical concept of antenna terminology and its connectivity, since it does not incorporate narrow-band resonant structures in its design.

Stay “tuned” for more information as we progress.



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