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Have you met Garth

Garth is a husband, a father of 3 and a brilliant design engineer for EM Solutions!

Playing a key role in the development of a number of ‘EM Firsts’ Garth has brought to life Wideband BUCs and GaN technology, both of which are remarkable technologies that are going to deliver incredible results for our clients world-wide.
With a strong interest in Maths and Physics, Garth began his career in the satcom industry by studying engineering at the University of Queensland and, straight after graduating, landed a job working in wireless infrastructure for a telco company.

What fuelled his interest to work in this industry was his involvement in a project to put a satellite payload over the Antarctic. He and the team worked tirelessly and got the system working. Although the government funding didn’t come through in the end and they couldn’t launch it into space, Garth still felt immense pride in seeing his work come to life.

Working with a small team at EM Solutions, Garth has been able to develop some of his remarkable ideas into highly sought-after commercial products. Garth explains,

 “I dreamed up the concept of the wideband BUC after a team reported back from an industry tradeshow and explained the need for these types of products. There were some ideas floated that were an improvement on our current technology but I wanted to achieve something even better.”

Garth and the team set to work developing this product idea from scratch and achieved excellent results and were able to deliver wideband BUCs on some important projects for clients.

Following the success of these Wideband BUCs, Garth and the team were asked to set their minds to the task of creating more power in a small package… and then came GaN and the Diamond Series Ka Multiband BUC family.

Read more about GaN technology in Garth’s recently published article here.

Life as a design engineer isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding. Garth shared that,

“It can be frustrating at times… for me one of the big challenges is how to deal with the complications that arise when making things smaller, but when I finally resolve those engineering issues and see my designs go through to production and over to the customer, I get a great sense of satisfaction, it’s really encouraging.”

As technology evolves, our market is always seeking devices that are smaller, more efficient and more affordable. Garth sees himself continually looking to add value, improving features and developing ideas that will be of benefit to EM Solutions’ customers long into the future.

Although that’s not all that’s keeping Garth busy, he is inquisitive by nature and keen to explore alternative ideas, theories and options and so has taken up a new interest… Garth has completed an Undergraduate Degree in Theology and is looking to do his Masters part-time as well!

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