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Have you met John Logan?

EMS Program Manager

Ever since he can remember, John Logan has always been fascinated with creating new products, pushing the boundaries and being at the cutting edge of technology.

He finds pleasure in overcoming challenges and solving problems and so was naturally drawn to engineering; the field that can continually ask ‘why’ and ‘what if’.

With a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) and Bachelor of Commerce John entered the micro-engineering landscape with great passion and determination to achieve something spectacular. He can be proud to have not just one, but many world firsts and extremely successful projects to his name.

After graduating from the University of Queensland John worked at Mitec, a Brisbane-based microwave engineering company, for over 7 years and then moved to Filtronic, one of the world’s largest providers of microwave filters for cellular base station infrastructure. At Filtronic John was Senior Manufacturing Manager with customers including NEC, NOKIA and Huawei. Because of his inquisitive nature and attention to detail John thrived in a leadership role ensuring all facets were considered, checked and optimised.

In 2003 John joined the EM Solutions team as Program Manager and his first assignment was to lead his team to produce the highest quality RF equipment for the Australian Navy. This project was a huge success and strengthened the already positive relationship between EM Solutions and the Australian Defence Force. This was evident when a few years later EM Solutions applied for and won a CTD (one of only a few selected by Australia Defence that year) to design and build the first Ka-band Comms on the Move Terminal.

John and a team of 10 worked for 2 years on the terminal specifically designed for use on vehicle and achieved excellent results. In exceeding expectations the team were then given an extension on the CTD to build upon the concept to push the boundaries even further. Seeing these achievements, EM Solutions was then approached by others to create terminals for varying applications and unique climatic situations. A further CTD was granted just recently and may lead to what could be John’s most proud and career defining project; he and the team are working to produce the world’s first tri-band on the move terminal.

Read John’s recent article published in Satnews discussing the latest innovations in the EMS On-The-Move Terminals.

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