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Statement of Strategic Intent signed with Australian Space Agency

Dr Megan Clark AC with CEO of EM Solutions, Dr Rowan Gilmore EM Solutions has signed a statement of strategic intent and co-operation with the Australian Space Agency. This statement outlines an intention to leverage the experience and capabilities of EM Solutions to help build the burgeoning Australian space sector.

CEO of EM Solutions, Dr. Rowan Gilmore, said “I am delighted that our work in space communications is recognised by signing this Joint Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with the Australian Space Agency. For more than twenty years, EM Solutions has developed fully integrated systems incorporating its own technology to develop products and subsystems used in the space communications value chain. This includes on-the-move ground terminals for satellite communications, and receivers and transmitters now finding use in next generation satellite systems”.

Dr. Gilmore expects this agreement will help EM Solutions to collaborate with other developers and service providers in the space sector, and thereby continue to build sovereign Australian capability in space communications and defence.

Head of the Australian Space Agency, Dr Megan Clark AC (pictured above with our CEO Dr Rowan Gilmore), said “EM solutions is building on its experience in land and marine satellite terminals to expand its capabilities in space communications.”

Dr Clark believes Australia can play a lead role in emerging technologies that will enable tracking and communicating across these applications in both traditional geostationary satellites, and new space satellites in low and medium Earth orbits.

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