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EM Solutions secures orders on four continents for Satcom-on-the-Move Terminals

 Following recent successful deployments of both its Taipan land mobile and Cobra maritime terminals, EM Solutions has recently received orders totaling over $6M from government and defence customers in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia for the Company’s satcom-on-the-move solutions.

Building on a successful eighteen months since the first terminals were commercially released, these recent orders demonstrate the market acceptance of the unique value proposition EM Solutions is offering, with products that can access multiple satellites across multiple frequency bands, helping their customers maximize network availability under the most severe operating conditions whether on land or sea.

John Logan, Product Manager for EM Solutions Terminals said:
“The Taipan and Cobra products continue to be proven across a broad range of applications. All EM Solutions’ terminals use closed loop beacon tracking with a monopulse feed to accurately track satellites. The pointing error is measured at the antenna itself so the terminal will keep pointing at the satellite irrespective of any eccentricity caused by the movement of the platform in any direction. Other parabolic terminals use step-track techniques which need to continually adjust the antenna to peak up on the tracking signals. Our terminals provide more robust pointing which results in better efficiency of the system in terms of communications uptime, RF performance, and wear and tear on the moving elements“

A further exciting development that has resulted from these recent successes is the release in October of a new roll-on roll-off 65cm terminal which will be available in X, Ku and Ka bands and support deployment on any land, amphibious or maritime platform.

EM Solutions Global Sales Director, Gary Shmith commented:
“Our Engineering and Manufacturing teams are kept extremely busy with numerous opportunities being presented for different market applications where the capabilities of our terminals are delivering real value. Our on-the-move terminals track satellites more robustly than others and we cover multiple frequency bands. Our customers see this as providing a high level of assured communication from all types of untethered platforms to support mission critical requirements.”


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EM Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited, is a trusted technology developer of innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver high speed telecommunications anywhere in the world. The company’s principal activity is the design, assembly, test, and support of high end, broadband satellite transceivers and communications-on-the-move terminals for defence and government customers. For its unique innovation, EM Solutions has won numerous awards. In August 2018 EM Solutions won the Australian Department of Defence Essington Lewis Award for “SME Defence Team of the Year” for its collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy on the development of the Cobra Tri-band Maritime Terminal.

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