Microwave Subsystems

Our Superior Microwave Subsystems on Offer

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the most comprehensive range on the market. Our microwave and satellite communication products are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. At the elemental level, they include microwave solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs), filters, LNB Ka-band and LNB X-band variations, frequency synthesisers and linearisers used in subsystems for a range of communications and radar applications.

The advantages of our microwave technology

More complex components include low noise block downconverters (LNBs) and high power block upconverters (BUCs) used in satellite communications receivers and transmitters. These reflect EM Solutions’ focus on innovative design, engineering and manufacture of technologically advanced microwave subsystems.

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Besides our range of LNB X-band and LNB Ka-band products, we also carry a number of other solutions, including Satcom terminals, microwave radio links and more.

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Call us today on and allow one of our professionals to run you through our exceptional selection of subsystems or any other products. Our team members are all equipped with excellent product knowledge and will be able to take you through the technicalities to ensure you understand exactly which subsystem will work best for you.

Diamond Series Ka Multi band BUCs and SSPAs

Click to see the latest information on our GaN based Ka-Multiband RF subsystems which open up a world of new possibilities for operators of commercial and military Ka Band satellite communications systems


LNB X-Band

Specifications OVERVIEW: EM Solutions LNB’s are robust and proven in the field. Small, lightweight and engineered to exacting Mil Spec standards, our LNB’s are reliable

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LNB Ka-Band

High performance wideband LNB that can be deployed on high end on the move applications for land, maritime or aeronautical Ka Band systems.

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