BUC Ka Multi band 16W & 25W

Suppliers of BUC Ka-Band 25W Microwave Subsystems

With over a decade in the industry, we supply a selection of cutting edge communication technology. Our new highly efficient GaN nanoBUC platform incorporates proporietary linearzer and covers the full 29-31 GHz band. If you require a BUC which is able to convert to the Ka-band and deliver a 16W or 25W saturated power, look no further than EM Solutions and our innovative range of products.

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Our Ka multi band BUCs can convert radio signals to multiple frequencies and help create a seamless transmission for effective long distance communication. We are also equipped with portable Satcom terminals, 5W BUCs and microwave radio links. Click on the provided links for more information.

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If you have any questions regarding our BUCs or other products, call us on +61 734140700 and we’ll be happy to assist. Our friendly team has extensive product knowledge and will be able to align you with the most appropriate communication solution.

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