Cobra 1M Ka Band Maritime Terminal


  • Best-in-class Ka-Band Dual mobile satellite terminal

  • Inmarsat GX certified

  • WGS certified

  • Ka-Band only


Cobra Maritime Terminal Family

Designed initially for the Australian Defence Force to operate at Ka-band on WGS satellites, and subsequently tailored for civilian use in emergency services applications, EM Solutions’ Cobra satellite terminals affordably combine robust, resilient design and MIL-STD quality with a state of the art antenna feed for simultaneous operation in X-and military Ka-band, with the option to automatically switch to commercial Ka-band in the event of congestion.

Increased System Availability

Increased system availability due to best-in-class pointing accuracy, a result of using closed-loop beacon signal processing and tracking. The terminal’s proprietary monopulse pointing system minimises the pointing error to near-zero, which preserves the link budget and improves performance on marginal links.

Quickest Re-Acquire Time

Quickest re-acquire time after obstruction, due to use of an innovative gyro-lock mode that predicts satellite direction during signal loss and readies the unit for immediate operation after the antenna clears the obstruction.

Continuous Coverage of All Ranges of Motion

The terminal has a three-axis gimbal mount system, eliminating keyhole effect and sync losses when the satellite is close to overhead. Other systems struggle to rotate quickly enough to maintain pointing.

Reduced Maintenance and Power Consumption

Reduced maintenance and power consumption due to the use of high life, sealed brushless motors, and the balanced inertial system mass that minimises internal movement of the antenna and reduces power consumption to a mere few watts over the Block Up Converter(s) fitted.