If you’re looking for a leading provider of microwave products and systems across the entire range of frequencies from L-band to Ka-band (1 to 40 GHz) and above, or, if you’re looking for a partner to help you develop a solution in this area, talk to the team at EM Solutions.

Our hardware designs include low noise amplifiers, filters, oscillators, mixers, and solid state linear power amplifiers, which in turn are combined with firmware controllers to produce integrated subsystems such as LNBs  (low noise block down-convertors) and BUCs (block up-convertors). These sophisticated components form the core subsystems used in broadband telecommunications radios, particularly in microwave terrestrial and satellite links, or in front ends for other applications such as radar, radio-astronomy, and remote sensing. Our specially engineered solutions include bespoke on-the-move satellite terminals, radar high power illuminators, and high power mm-wave radio transmission systems.