Build to Print Manufacture

Build to Print

Have a brilliant design and need an expert team to make your vision come to life?

Our extensive team of assemblers and technicians are able to build any RF or electronic components and assemble them into systems from your designs, delivering you a complete manufactured product while you remain the design authority and retain all IP.

Our long established supply chains can source ready-made PC boards and components of almost any complexity at competitive prices and we complete their integration and assembly into a fully finished and tested system in our Brisbane facility. This approach adds value where it can be sourced most competitively, for example component manufacture in Asia, and final testing and complex integration at EM Solutions. This approach has worked for communications, radar, and remote sensing applications designed and developed by third parties.

You can trust your designs and ideas with the EM Solutions team because we use the same manufacturing team to build our own products!

  • Quality practices and quality control
  • Attention to detail
  • Complete inspection and testing of each finished product

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