Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

For the entrepreneur who has an idea that needs developing or has an existing product that isn’t yet perfect, meet our incredible Design & Engineering team.

In addition to the extensive range of EM Solutions off-the-shelf products, custom design and engineering services are available to provide specific design elements to suit individual needs, systems and integrations.

Whether you have an idea or an existing proof of concept, EM Solutions’ team can apply their specific microwave and digital control expertise to commercialise, design or produce a field-ready and manufacturable design on your behalf.

Over 50% of EM Solutions’ products and systems are specially engineered to incorporate bespoke features including extended frequency ranges, higher operating powers or temperatures or tighter spurious or linearity specifications in existing products. With this approach, we have flexible IP arrangements and we even offer building upon the EM existing background IP to quickly help you bring your own product to market.

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“We greatly appreciate the professional and high quality work performed by EM Solutions at short notice on this task, and your committed approach to its success. I look forward to being able to work with you again in the future.” – Lyle Bruce, Jolimont GMS.

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