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Satcom on the Move Terminal – Engineered to hum!

EM Solutions’ Ka-Band Satellite on the Move terminal was purpose designed and built to exacting A.D.F. requirement specifications for use on Bushmaster vehicles accessing the USA / Australian W.G.S. Geo-stationary satellite constellation. EM Solutions’ SOTM terminal aims to provide a very high availability connection with the satellite even while traveling at 100km/hour on the highway or 40km/hour off-road.

The system makes use of a unique proprietary ‘closed-loop’ satellite beacon signal tracking system which guarantees the antenna stays pointing at the satellite while the vehicle or vessel on which it is mounted moves around. Tests consistently show the system stays pointing in the right direction for more than 99.7% of the time as well as achieving unbeatable satellite re-acquisition times. The system uses EM Solutions’ own powerful lightweight RF transmitters and receivers, built and proven to meet demanding Mil-Std specifications.  Fully designed, made and tested for reliability and resilience in harsh Australian conditions, EM Solutions SOTM system is competitively priced against the few known Ka-Band SOTM premium products on the market to ensure great value


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