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NICT Winds Technical Results Paper

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has developed a Ka-band mobile earth station which achieves 24 Mbps in land mobile regions using the wideband internet engineering test and demonstration satellite. The mobile earth station is installed with a dual reflector antenna of 650 mm diameter, a block up converter with an output of 20 W, and a mono-pulse tracking system with 3-axis gimbals mechanisms for satellite tracking and communications. Using this terminal, the transmission data rate of 18 Mbps were confirmed. High definition television (HDTV) transmission was also conducted using an onboard HDTV camera in suburban and expressway areas. In this test, successful HDTV transmission was confirmed under the moving conditions.

This paper was presented at the AIAA ICSSC 2015 conference organised by EM Solutions.

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