Message from CEO

Rowan Gilmore, CEO EM Solutions Pty Ltd

Welcome to EM Solutions.

Constant innovation through better design is in our DNA. We believe everything can always be improved and there is always more to learn; when we KNOW MORE, we can DO MORE to make positive change.

This philosophy is not only at the core of our business but it’s the reason we do business. Our mission is to enable our world to communicate, learn and share more effectively in more places, more often. We can achieve this through the delivery of our superior microwave radio and satellite communications technology providing greater access, perspective and insight that are invaluable for the future of all.

We design today for the possibilities of tomorrow.

By keeping on top of ideas and breakthroughs as well as problems and challenges we prepare ourselves with the tools and data to deliver useful and reliable products and services to meet and exceed expectations in the ever-changing communications environment.

We welcome the opportunity to find solutions to your challenges and bring your projects to life.

Contact us via your preferred method and let’s put those radio waves to work.